2014 KDrama: Bride of the Century

“It’s not the power of the Curse – it is the power you give the Curse.”

 Bride of the Century starring Lee Hong-Ki & Yang Jin-Sung

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2014 KDrama (SP): Mimi

Traumatic experiences force us to erase those painful memories so we may live life like nothing happened but that leaves our hearts empty. Embedded within those pain is Love.

 Mimi starring Shim Chang-Min & Moon Ga-Young

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2014 KDrama: Emergency Couple

There have been a few Korean dramas that has explored the concept of divorced couples and the probability that these couple will get back together. And this drama revolves around the two divorcees that coincidentally met each other again after a few years of a messy and heart breaking divorce.

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“Sirius” The Two Brightest Stars

Hate comes from so much love. Sometimes hate is seen as separate from love that it is understood as opposite of love. In a sibling relationship love and hate is normal. In a situation where both siblings have become estranged due to a long unresolved misunderstanding and guilt feelings, and traumatic attachments things can get very complicated, emotionally. And this drama gives us just that. The unbreakable, undeniable bond that siblings share, especially twins.

"Sirius" The Two Brightest Star

This drama made me cry a lot. Though, that wouldn’t be a convincing basis for some who aren’t as sensitive cry-baby as me but it surely captured my heart. It is a gripping story of brothers who deeply care for each other but are separated by guilt. If you’re looking for some tearjerker short series this might be just for you.

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