“Ano Hana” The Flower We Saw That Day

It seems I’ve been attracting dramas, and animes that has got to do with dying and being left behind. This story in particular delves on the complicated and intricate feelings of a once close group of friends, who called themselves the “Peace Space Busters”. It traces the unresolved feelings of having lost an important friend after an undealt situation. And the attachment they’ve developed around the guilt they each felt of a friend’s death. This same guilt that tore them all apart.


At some points, it has a light feel to it but in most points it is deep. It explores the deep feelings of having experienced a death of a friend at such a young age, a parent’s complicated feelings of anger and love, a sibling’s sadness, a friend’s guilt, an unrequited love, the acceptance of love, the selfishness that comes for being human, and the letting go.

What this anime taught me or made me remember was that promises shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Sometimes we promise things and forget about them but sometimes the same promises hold us back from something much greater. Also, I’ve learned that saying ‘Goodbye’ is a two-way thing. That is why, passing-on so suddenly takes much more healing because we grow attached to the fact that we hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye, to hold our loved ones once more, or not being able to say the things we mean to say.

Watch HERE with Eng Sub.


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