“Suki-tte Ii na yo” Say, I Love You

A manga turned anime, released on 2012, revolves around the effect of bullying and how it affects a child’s perception of friendship.

To me, it revolves around romance but also around how people who are bullied cope up, how their painful pasts catch up to them, and how their twisted perceptions caused by such pasts are finally broken. Personally, I was bullied throughout grade school until highschool, sometimes even now, I still feel it. My experience of bullying is not through the typical, traditional way where I’m physically assaulted nor was it through harsh words but it was a subtler kind. Of course, now that I reflect upon it bullying is a two-way thing, like goodbyes, where both the victim and the oppressor have something to contribute to result into bullying. I gave and gave and did things for them and return they abused me because I let them get their way. And when, I finally woke up, when I finally realized that I wasn’t a friend to them but just someone they think of when they needed something, I built higher walls around my heart and never tried to open up. I slowly forgot what made me distant, what made me lonely was my own fear that “friends are quick to betray each other”. I used to say, used to chant, “No one needs me. No one wants to listen. I am alone.”

But when I finally got past over my own walls, and took the courage to trust again, things feel much lighter and I don’t worry about being lonely, or being alone because I know I had friends still whom I can count on. I had myself, I was my own friend, it seems.

Watch HERE for Eng Sub.


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