the Start

Who am I? 

Simply, I’m your ordinary person who loves and has watched a ton of Asian Entertainment and non-Asian too.

When did you start getting into Asian Entertainment?

Well, if I remember correctly it was around my 4th Grade in grade school or earlier, when “Meteor Garden” – the Taiwanese Adaptation of the Manga “Hana Yori Dango”, was being played in our Country. That moment awakened my love for all things Asian. 

When you say ‘Asian Entertainment’ what does that entail?

When I was starting to explore this new found passion for things Asian, I was mostly devouring tons of Taiwanese dramas, then one drama after another, I expanded to include Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai dramas, films, music, music videos, indie films & music, microfilms, minidramas, web dramas, a few variety show episodes, and slowly got to learn about a ton of actors, actresses, singers, idol groups from different countries. I got to include a few Indonesian films along the way.

Why did you start this Blog Review?

I started this Blog Review because I wanted to share my point-of-view on the Asian Entertainment I watch and somehow the blogging part is therapeutic for me. It helps me, forces me to ponder on what I’ve just watched, learning from them, looking through their eyes. I’m bringing Entertainment to whole new level. Some people view entertainment as something thoughtless, something that need not be pondered on but the people behind these productions, to give respect to them (to the writers, directors, assistants, actors, musical directors, producers, and everyone) I choose to reflect on what they wanted to convey. I feel that creating something has energy with them and this energy I want to receive.

So, that concludes ||>the Start for now. How this blog review morphs I’ll never know yet.

2014, January 26 (Sunday)


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