2013 KMovie: The Suspect

A movie of suspense about a North Korean defactor whose already shitty life is being disturbed after he is framed of a high-profile crime.


I haven’t been paying attention to Gong Yoo’s career until recently when he starred in “Train to Busan” which I personally cannot get off my system yet. And this movie proved to me how I’ve underestimated his acting abilities. Now, his within my radar and I can’t wait to watch the movies he starred in before “Train to Busan.”

“The Suspect” is a thriller/suspense movie that shows the journey of a man who tries to free himself from the suspicion that he murdered someone. One thing I liked about the movie is that it didn’t focus on romance but shows how two people despite having different views and beliefs choose to join hands to solve the problem and trust each other beyond how usual friends do for the common good and truth. They know that when it matters they trust the other without as much as batting an eyelid that he will harm him.


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