2014 KDrama: Bride of the Century

“It’s not the power of the Curse – it is the power you give the Curse.”

 Bride of the Century starring Lee Hong-Ki & Yang Jin-Sung

Sometimes our beliefs shape our experiences and perception of things and because of a belief in a Curse we attribute ‘bad’ things happening to that Curse. And this drama is about a family curse passed on generation after generation and how the events of the past are valued and how the people involved lock themselves in the past, neglecting the present. It is about forgiveness, that of oneself and of the others. It is about loving without condition and constantly choosing to Love.

I didn’t dare miss an episode. Every episode was well made, and the way they presented the current reality and how they culminated on the underlying past, explained well the root cause of everything. This provides a certain relief to the viewer. Their acting was great! The actress, Jang Yin-Sung, that played two roles distinguished both roles well. And Lee Hong-Ki definitely did great on this one. The way he was cold, but gentle, and head-over-heals for her was believable. Every character wasn’t ignored. The way every character evolved and matured was evident. And that made this drama more special. You the way their lives are intertwined and connected and how we get assistance from the other dimensions.


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