2013 KDrama: Prime Minister and I

Contract Marriage. I have a thing for dramas with a contract-marriage genre and this drama caught my heart from the very first episode.

You might think I watched this drama for Yoona (I have nothing against her nor with Girl’s Generation. I am simply indifferent.) but actually I watched this for Lee Bum Soo (Lee Beom Soo), the old-looking male lead (no offense). It is a fact that they’re years apart but they both had good chemistry that I didn’t even feel the age-gap too much, if at all. And though I loved Yoon Si Yoon in “Baker, Kim Tak Gu (2010 KDrama: Baker King),” but his character in this drama was probably so well-written plus his poker-faced, sometimes confused and dejected portrayal, made me hate him every time he did something against the main male lead.

This drama, somehow tells me that no one is perfect. I can be an awesome Prime Minister but I might not be an attentive father. In life, I will make huge mistakes, and regret them every single day but I can’t stay stuck in pain. I’ll eventually have to live with my decisions but its never to late to make amends, never too late to apologize, and that I’ll be able to smile again, I have that right.


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