2014 KDrama (SP): Mimi

Traumatic experiences force us to erase those painful memories so we may live life like nothing happened but that leaves our hearts empty. Embedded within those pain is Love.

 Mimi starring Shim Chang-Min & Moon Ga-Young

What if you forget a certain timeline in your life and live a life full of routines and one filled with fears? Fears of things you, yourself don’t know what? These suppressed memories hold Min Woo, played by Shim Chang-Min, a webtoon artist from truly living his life. He is haunted by a past he does not remember and he slowly retraces back to the moments he has long lost or has he lost them at all?

We travel back and forth from the memories he uncovers and the present life haunted by the past and how he finally accepts and moves on from the shattered glass of the past.


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