2014 KDrama: Emergency Couple

There have been a few Korean dramas that has explored the concept of divorced couples and the probability that these couple will get back together. And this drama revolves around the two divorcees that coincidentally met each other again after a few years of a messy and heart breaking divorce.

It somehow gives couples, those who are planning on marrying, those who are married and are considering divorce, and those who have divorced, a certain glimpse of what happens after a messy divorce, the feelings that involves such topic and trauma and how family ties between the two parties are damaged.

It was a good drama, overall. It explored the courage it takes for people who want to start over again, the fear of having to repeat the same mistakes, and overcoming everything, how a sudden loss of a loved one changes someone’s perspective of life, and how naturally humans act like victims and mistake Love for pity. Although, the overall feel of the drama wasn’t heavy, it delivered its message of valuing marriage, effectively.


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