2012 KMovie: Confession of Murder

I attended my first ever Korean Film Festival in our City with my cousins last week. I didn’t do any research on the movies they were going to show but I was looking forward to “Beauty Inside” which I have been eyeing a few months before. I knew that the movie was star-studded and knew the plot but I was wondering how’d it’d end (but I didn’t get to watch that particular movie).


Keeping an open-mind and heart I watched this movie getting surprised how I didn’t know Park Shi Hoo was cast in it (I loved his ‘Prosecutor Princess’ drama).

 I definitely enjoyed the thrill and the guessing game that went on within me. It was an emotional movie apart from the thrill and the few comic-reliefs here and there. What was totally and enjoyably satisfying for me were the car chase scenes. It’s one of the things that’ll probably get you at the edge of your seat. Watching it in the theatre does have its advantages because you get sucked in the movie way better than watching it on your laptop. Acting, was excruciatingly devious. End plot was unpredictable at first but you’ll catch on unless you plan not to analyze the movie while watching it and just enjoy the ride.


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