2016 KMovie: Train to Busan


This movie left a very very deep visual impact on me. I’m not sure why but even as I close my eyes (’till now, it’s been a full day since I watched it) I can command my memory to clearly visually recall scenes in the movie that left me speechless and sobbing (which hasn’t happened to me before, ever). To me it was more than just a thriller or horror movie in the story-sense. I see the director and everyone behind the visual story board a genius. I’m not sure if they did some research on how the brain perceives or retains certain memories but they did an awesome job at the scene-by-scene angles because it’s crystal clear to me. It truly did elicit strong emotions from the audience unlike your usual movies wherein everyone’s quiet except for occasional reactions. It elicited cheers, and hatred for a particular character, and definitely elicited tears from me. I’m glad I brought my handkerchief with me I never thought I needed it for the tears and not the gory, bloody, human-chasing zombies.

The story, as like every zombie movie I’ve seen, always reminded me of the possibility that we can become zombies and the question, “If aren’t we zombies, yet?” I mean realistically, in a sense, we can actually be called one. We know of famous people who have no remorse whatsoever in killing another person, sucking away any signs of blood. We can be thoughtless and heartless at times, don’t you think that’s being a zombie too? I  couldn’t also help but compare this movie to how in sense, it depicts the deep realities that each and everyone of us is facing, spiritually, emotionally, politically, socially… That’s how I perceive movies. They deliver the realities of life either directly or hide it behind allegories and symbols. Anyway, it is a great movie to see in theatres. Quite timely for the Philippine political scene and for me, personally.


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