2016 NA: How to be Single


Just like everyone has a unique body type that perfectly fits another perfect diet plan this movie shows the various ways people end up single and how they decide not to be single. I wasn’t too hyped up or interested with the show just because I judged it to be the typical chick flick but I’m glad I went and watched it.

The movie dissects the lives of 4 different girls and their romantic relationships. And they were definitely varied. For me, every situation was depicted quite realistically, except maybe for a few exaggerations. I can safely say that even girls who aren’t single anymore can relate to it because they too were once single. It follows Alice’s (Dakota Johnson of 50 Shades of Grey) life and also touches on the other 3 character’s lives and quest for companionship or partnership. It slightly touches on the male’s perspective and how other men react to different situations. It is a hopeful movie. It doesn’t sell false hope rather the movie felt like it showed sincerity in depicting every person’s journey. Somehow it felt consoling (from a 20-something whose never had a boyfriend’s perspective) that to each his own.


Enjoy the trailer! (The trailer doesn’t give everything off by the way and the message is way deeper than what the trailer suggests.)


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