2016 FMovie: Everything About Her


I didn’t watch the trailer nor did I catch it being shown on T.V. and therefore I didn’t know what the movie was about when I sat in the movie theater. The only fact I knew was it starred Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin, and Xian Lim. It’s definitely refreshing to see Xian Lim being paired with Angel Locsin (because they are usually often paired only with their on-screen love teams). They definitely did have chemistry.

The movie, I’d say is more on the theme of Family, specifically the reality that Mothers

(Filipino mothers) face, the choices that they make, and how it affects the children. In Philippine society today it is not uncommon for mothers to work abroad to provide for the family and become estranged with their own children after a long time of physical absence. And this is what the movie revolves around. But beyond that even those whose mothers are working here or even those who are just home can definitely relate to the dialogues exchanged by a Mother and a Child. I had this particular scene I knew by heart because my mother and I exchanged the same sentiments and it went like this:

Child: I don’t like feeling this way. I don’t  like hating you. What do I do?

Tearfully he cries heartily, crying out all the confusion, pain, and hate, while in the embrace of his mother.

It was truthful. It wasn’t all heavy emotion, but was also light-hearted (with interjections of Filipino comedic sarcasm), it also showed what the eldest sibling faces when one parent disappoints the family. It definitely was a warm movie fit for any family. I’d recommend this to those who wish to better understand their parent/s or their children/child, you might just get a glimpse of each other’s struggle.


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