2014 FMovie: Diary ng Panget (The Ugly Girl’s Diary)

An online wattpad story turned into a published book then into a movie.

 Diary ng Panget by Viva Films

I wasn’t expecting that I’ll love this movie this much. I’ve read Book 1 & 2 of the 4 part Book series and I couldn’t quite appreciate the Story. For one, I haven’t read Tagalog Novels (it is shameful though because I feel more comfortable reading English Literature over those of my own Native Tongue), also maybe because the Book wasn’t edited as well as it should be.

But definitely, without doubt, this movie awakened my sleeping Teenage Heart – I didn’t think I still had. Every time I hear the movie’s OST (Official Soundtrack) I can’t help but remember segments of the most ‘kilig’ or cringe-worthy moments of uber cheesiness and sing-along with the relatable lyrics and the memorable tune! It was hilarious! Although I did hear that this book was criticized for being shallow and for portraying the Filipino Youth as superficial but I think that the writer didn’t necessarily mean that the Youth of today were portrayed as materialistic and superficial as exaggeratedly portrayed in the Book. But this definitely touches a few realities that the Youth of the World is suffering from. Like the ever present status quo, and the growing materialism, but it also shows, that although the younger generation are quick to judge there are those who defy the normal stigma of not being friends with the less financially stable, and do not judge others for the way they look outwardly. it shows the friendship, and the refreshing Love of the Youth of today.

Technically, the movie was a summary of the major events in the book. If you haven’t been able to read the book yet, you might feel that the movie had certain gaps, and the continuity or sequence of events were a bit rushed, because I felt that way too for not being able to read the entire Book series but the portrayals of these young actors were awesome. Chemistry between the actors were great.

The Official Soundtrack was the BEST! Most Filipino movies, only had one song on its Soundtrack, or often times the Filipino Movie Titles were based on Songs of the same title that is later on used as the OST but for this particular movie, the Sound track was highlighted. It was well inserted during the whole movie. I love every song and these songs were sang by the main cast themselves except for a few songs. I hope Filmmakers in the Philippines would give emphasis on not just one song for the whole movie but a various mix of Original songs made to fit the movie. This will not only make the OPM Industry in the Country flourish but also challenge songwriters to write better songs, and highlight various talented singers around the Country. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Filipino culture will be passed on through these more thought of songs and filmmakers will produce Quality mainstream movies. I think we’re on our way there.

Here are the 4-Part Book Series Covers:

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3Book 4


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