2013 KMovie: Top Star

I wasn’t planning on watching any movies today but I stumbled upon a review (I didn’t read it though) and the poster captured me. I’ve watched a few movies and dramas of the actor and the actress and thought this might be good. And true enough it was way better than I had expected.

I sometimes don’t read Movie plots or even watch the trailer and just follow the mood I get when I see the movie’s title and oftentimes it surprises me. I’d want you to experience what I experienced watching this movie without expectation. I didn’t know the overall feel of the movie and just dived in. The only thing I can probably tell you is this lesson I learned right at the end of the movie, before the credits rolled in. The lesson to me was that no matter how evil, how mad, how crazy one has gotten or has done, has been, it will not be the end if one chooses so. If we choose to make things right the regrettably wrong done then its time to stand-up and pick up your broken pieces, try to forgive everyone, and if possible take one step at forgiving oneself for everything. When we learn to pick ourselves and own up to everything, be responsible for everything, people will see through you and someone will hold your hand and help you pull yourself back up. As you pull yourself up, someone will be there to lend a helping hand. And that was the most amazing part of the movie for me.


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