2014 FMovie: Starting Over Again

My friends and I took to the cinemas after yet another unconfidently answered quiz, and also to watch that date-movie we’ve been wanting to see. So we did it last night and I didn’t expect the movie to be this good.

“Starting Over Again”, although the title does sound so cliché, but the story wasn’t. It was beyond the typical end of every Filipino movie. It resembles the many types of romantic love that every Filipino can relate to. Though I haven’t seen a lot of Filipino movies but by far of the Filipino romantic movies I’ve watched it’s safe to say that I love this one. It shows the many aspects of love that at some point, everyone would’ve experienced. It was way deep and I’d like to watch it over again, just so I’d get the deep life and love lessons that I had missed. And I feel that this movie is part of the so-called ‘tipping point’ of deeper, more relevant Filipino movies, that does not just aim to entertain but brings much more, and presents the Filipino reality.

I’d have to stop right here because I might just spoil the movie for you.


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